Bob Brown managed a multi-generation family farm that grew, packed, shipped and sold fruits and vegetables. Bob founded Key Central and developed widely-used computer programs for fruit and vegetable farms. He currently leads the development team that is continuously finding new ways to bring information together and make it useful. His experience in the industry and knowledge as a software developer allow him to bring technology and business together to implement systems for successful companies. 

We started in 1978 on a Radio Shack Model 1 computer making programs in Basic for our farm.  Since then we have used many different programming languages and worked for customers all over the world creating custom software that enables our clients to run their businesses the way they want to. We look forward to working with you.

We operate under the dba of:
Grand Rapids Computer Services
400 Ann St. NW, Suite 213
Grand Rapids MI 49504, USA
Phone number: 616-447-0138
Email: bob@rfb2.com

Our corporate name is RFBII Custom Solutions, Inc.